Starting Over on Mac OS X


Practice makes perfect. Some readers may find going through this tutorial from the beginning helpful in solidifying their understanding of Docker. The following steps will restore a Mac OS X host to the state before the completion of this tutorial. We run through them regularly, so we may repeat the quick start guide ourselves as we make revisions and updates.

  1. Turn off the Boot2Docker virtual machine.

    # Check the Boot2Docker virtual machine's status.
    Host% boot2docker status
    # Stop the running Boot2Docker virtual machine.
    Host% boot2docker stop
    # Make sure the Boot2Docker virtual machine is off.
    Host% boot2docker status
  2. Remove the Boot2Docker virtual machine.


  3. Delete all files.


  4. Drag the VirtualBox executable and the Boot2Docker installer from the Applications folder to Trash.

  5. Delete both the ~/.boot2docker directory and the ~/VirtualBox VMs directory.

  6. If you have created hartl_test and hartl_development as part of going through Linking a Dockerized Application to a Database on the Mac OS X Host, make sure to drop the databases and the superuser role docker.

    # DOCKERDB_ENV_POSTGRESQL_DB=hartl_development
    # DOCKERDB_PORT_5432_TCP_PORT=15432
    Host% bundle exec rake db:drop:all
    Host% dropuser docker
  7. If you have added the alias dlc at the end of Running Boot2Docker on Mac OS X and defined the docker-enter shell function as part of going through Getting Inside Running Docker Containers without SSH, please remove both entries from your .profile.

    Host% more ~/.profile
    # Remove the following entries
    alias dlc='docker ps -l -q'
    docker-enter() {
        boot2docker ssh -t sudo /var/lib/boot2docker/docker-enter $@

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